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Sunset Roller

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Join us for one lap in Richmond Park!

Reconnect With Nature

The park is well known for its wild life; there are herds of deers to meet along the way. The stroll starts in Roehampton gate which is about 1.3 miles from Barnes Railway station or 3.5 miles from Richmond Train station. Richmond Park offers an excellent skating route with its lovely views, seven-mile lap and a good mixture of steady climbing and steep hills.

Improve Your Endurance

Richmond Park is the perfect spot for hill training sessions. You will have the opportunity to improve your downhill skating technique whilst working on your balance and stability. Going uphill will challenge your legs and will help you increase your stamina by forcing your muscles to work against gravity. As you practice hill climbing, you will feel less fatigued while putting in the same effort.

What We Recommend You To Bring

  • One pair of roller skates.
  • A helmet and skate pads for your safety and security.
  • Reflective clothing, rear facing light,or bright clothes to be seen in the dark.
  • A decent headlight to increase your visibility and avoid road hazards.
  • LED skate wheels (optional).

About Sunset Roller

  • Start: At dusk.
  • Distance: 7 miles = 11.2 km.
  • Difficulty: Moderate.
  • Duration: 1:20min (depending on the pace of the group).
  • Start/End point: Roehampton Gate.
  • After all the hard work, we’ll go to the pub!:)

Event Status

Please note this event will be weather permitting. The best way to check the status is on the event day around 5pm.

Health And Safety

The event is free and you are welcome to join provided you are able to control your speed and know how to brake while skating downhill.


Sunset Roller Richmond Park (2017)

One lap in  Richmond Park London (7 miles = 11.2km)

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