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Challenge yourself at the Berlin Marathon Inlineskating

The Berlin marathon was first run in 1997 with 446 participants. In 2018 over 5,258 skaters took part in the most epic inline skating event in Europe. The objective of the marathon is to skate as fast as you can on a distance of 42.195 kilometres. It’s easy, don’t you think ? 🙂

The race starts at the heart of the Germany’s capital near the commemorative Siegessäule (Victory Column) and will take you through many smooth, flat and skating friendly roads in the city. All participants will cross the finish line by passing through the Brandenburg Gate, which is one of the most iconic monuments in Berlin. If you still have some energy left, there will be a Marathon Party Skating taking place on the same day at 9pm at the Kosmos Club in Berlin. Entry is free to all participants.

The Freewheelers are taking part in the competition not only to take the challenge of skating 42km, but also to enjoy this unique and exciting experience with our first time comers. If you feel like joining us, please drop uS a line.

What To Bring:

  • Important document such as passport and ID
  • A pair of skate, protection pads, a helmet
  • A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

Are you ready for the challenge?
If so, all you have to do is to register at Berlin Marathon Inlineskating .