3 good reasons to skate in Richmond Park

Richmond Park offers an excellent skating route with its lovely views, seven-mile lap and a good mixture of steady climbing, steep hills and tight bends.

Increase your skating endurance

To have good endurance you need to maintain a specific pace within a required time. Since gravity slows you down as you are skating uphill, you will increase your stamina by forcing your muscles to work against the resistance. Going uphill challenges your muscles and helps you develop strength. As you practise hill climbing, you will become less fatigued while putting in the same effort.

Improve your technique

Richmond Park’s hilly roads are excellent for developing your skating technique. Skating uphill does differ from skating on flat ground. While climbing a hill, you need to bend your knees, point your toes out like a duck and accelerate when approaching the hill. It is essential to apply short stride as you go up. If you go down a steep hill, it is safer to glide. This can be an opportunity for you to recover.

Reduce your exposure to air pollution

According to the BBC, every year 40,000 in the UK are victims of air pollution. This is due to a mixture of pollutants in the air, which are harmful to human health. To reduce your exposure to traffic pollution, Sunset roller takes place in the evening when the park is closed to vehicles.